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How to Fix Bad Internet in Minutes?

If you are constantly facing slow internet issues, then this guide is a good option to explore. From equipment placement to the time of day you’re online, there is a handful of reasons this could be happening. Let’s get started with the most common connectivity issues and their solutions. Before reaching out to your internet service provider you can try these options to fix things quickly. If applying these solutions doesn’t make a difference then grab your phone and discuss with your internet provider.

Causes of poor internet connectivity

Many times, slow internet problems are not much related to your internet provider. Fixing issues like equipment placement or restarting your router is all you need to do to fix your internet issues. The following are the most common causes of slow internet.

  • Symptoms of internet congestion

  • Significantly decreased download rates
  • Significantly decreased download rates
  • Significantly decreased upload rates
  • Greater latency for gaming
  • Ping rate worsens

Internet congestion

Have you noticed slow internet speed at night? This is because of internet congestion. It occurs when the majority of consumers from an internet service provider are online. This usually happens at a time known as internet “rush hour”, “prime time”, or “peak hours”.

Equipment Placement

Another simple reason for internet connectivity could be equipment placement. Usually, the technician will help set up a router or modem on the most central location in your house, that’s the highest level in your home or away from cable. If your equipment is not in the right placement then you may face internet connectivity problems.

Number of Connected Devices

If there are a lot of internet-connected devices, all of your device bandwidth will be consumed. This may cause lagging or internet upload and download speed will be slow. Disconnect unused devices to avoid slow internet problems.

Solutions: How to fix bad internet

Try these easy fixes to help boost your internet connection when it counts the most.

Change Equipment Location

Place your router or modem on the highest level in your home. It may be on the highest floor or the furniture perch available. Just like a lamp, a router or modem needs a specific position to perform at its best. By doing this the equipment will get the room to pass WiFi signals more evenly throughout a home.

Disconnect devices not in use

With more devices connected you run the risk of using all your subscribed bandwidth. To avoid overloading your internet equipment you should disconnect the unused devices. Keeping unused devices disconnected will maximize your internet performance.

Restart your router

Like other electronic devices, the router needs to refresh to perform well. This is the easy way to troubleshoot your slow internet problems. We recommend doing this twice a month.

Use WiFi extenders

Your home layout can cause your internet-connected devices to slow down. You can eliminate dead spots and reduce buffering and lag by using wifi extenders.

Clear your browser history

Your browser uses more bandwidth when you forget to clear your browsing history. To fix this issue, the user has to clear all browser history including cookies and cached websites regularly.

Upgrade your internet service

If other methods do not succeed, there is one last thing that you can try. Check how much internet speed you need. If your family requires more bandwidth, consider upgrading your internet plan. We have experience researchers, ready to give you details about the best internet provider for you. Call now and choose the best internet plan in your budget.

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